Continuing Medical Education


Dear members of CSPRAS, with pride we want to present you a new project of continuing medical education for the new website of the society that it's been in mind already some time and finally comes to reality with the effort of residents and the current administration of CSPRAS. The purpose of it is to educate residents of plastic surgery  as well as keeping specialists up to date. You will be able to see the new link to the education module in red letters at the top of the front page (CME), or going directly to the internet address: (front page in English)

The education module contains four sections that are shortly described in the following points:

1. Lectures of plastic surgery: Here are included protocols, texts that are available for public diffusion and Power Point presentations from residents and specialists that are used in clinical meetings in their respective hospitals. Every presentation is converted to a PDF file with a watermark from CSPRAS to avoid any unauthorized use. The idea of this section is to make available information for members of the society that are logged in the website, so they will be able to read them and also start an open discussion about them. Constructive commentaries and questions are encouraged from specialists and residents.

2. Links for online education: Internet links will be available for online education, journals of plastic surgery, hand surgery and aesthetics. Also we wish to create a wide database of clinical centers around the world were residents and young specialists can organize short visits, longer stays and training.

3. Article of the month: This new initiative corresponds to a monthly discussion about one or more papers published in the most renowned journals of our specialty, chosen by a resident that will comment its relevance, if it's well written or if the data published is adequate or not, shortly, this is a critical reading of a paper, not an abstract of it. The reference will be available for members of the society to read it and give their opinion in a constructive way so residents can learn not only about the subject published but also to evaluate the quality of it.

4. Bibliography: When opening this link you will be able to see a request form to ask the administrator team a published paper of your interest from the main journals of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. It is important to clearly write the title, date of publishing and main author. If possible, we'll send you the requested reference in few days through your personal email address.

We hope that this new module will be a good initiative in terms of professional advancement, support, counseling and communication inside CSPRAS, expecting the collaboration of many members as possible with the noble sense of education in mind.


Dr. Zlatko Vlajčić and Dr. Jose Varas

Administrators of the CSPRAS web page